New Mexico Highways Links

Links to other highway pages:

Andy Field's AA Roads Kickoff page has a list of other state links. Not updated lately, though.

James Lin's About Via has not only state highway page links, but also current, historic and international route marker signs. Not updated lately, though.

Daniel Faigin's California Highways page (this link goes to his list of other state highway pages). Daniel keeps this list up-to-date and comprehensive.

U.S. Highways (1 to 830) by Robert Droz. The story of the U.S. highway system with a complete list of past and present routes.

Individual State Site Link Listing by Robert Droz. Another up-to-date, comprehensive list of state-related sites (those that have U.S. highway listings).

Western Exit Guide by Jeffrey Stapleton. A comprehensive listing of exits from each interstate highway (and other state freeways as well) for the western states including New Mexico.

My Minnesota Highways Page

Adjoining states:

Arizona (Alan Hamilton)

Colorado (Matt Salek)

Texas (David Stanek)

Oklahoma (Eric Stuve)

Utah (Dan Stober)

Travel Information:

New Mexico travel information

New Mexico Department of Transportation (links to downloadable state maps, construction information).

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Updated February 5, 2006