Minnesota's Constitutional Routes

These Constitutional Routes (abbreviated CR) are the original marked state trunk highways established after passage of the Babcock Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution in 1920. These routes are fixed, in the sense that their beginning and end points, as well as any towns named in the description, cannot be bypassed by a state trunk highway. It is somewhat unclear how close a route must come to a town, however. Clearly, a downtown bypass is OK, but can it totally bypass the city limits as long as it comes close? There is nothing preventing MnDOT from moving a constitutional route onto another, separately authorized route, as long as the route continuity is maintained. Thus, interstate highways have for the most part replaced the original constitutional routes as the only trunk highway along many stretches of road in Minnesota, bypassing most of the towns through which the original routes passed.

MnDOT has turned back portions of some of these routes to counties, which it can do as long as the route continuity criteria described above are met. This has resulted in a few instances of the constitutional route changing its route significantly. One example is CR 50. Its north endpoint is Minneapolis, and it must pass through Farmington. MnDOT turned back MN-50 west of Farmington without establishing a new route for CR 50. However, there are several possible combinations of trunk highways one could follow from Farmington to Minneapolis, so even though all of these routes are authorized under other legislative or constitutional route numbers, the continuity of CR 50 is still met. In at least two instances, the original roadway has been turned backed in its entirety, but other separately defined trunk highways exist that meet the route criteria of the constitutional route.

In the discussions below, modern-day state route markings are abbreviated MN-xx, while pre-1934 state route markings are indicated as trunk highway (TH-xx).

Route From
CR = Constitutional Route) {marked rte no.}
To {marked rte no.} Major Cities Original (1926-34) U.S. Route markings if any Current markings/status

(parentheses indicate segments superseded by other separately authorized routes or not defined by current routes )


Iowa Border St. Paul S. city limits Albert Lea, Owatonna, Faribault, Farmington, St. Paul (1926) U.S. 65 U.S. 65 to Albert Lea, (I-35) to Faribault, MN-3 and MN-149 to St. Paul.
St. Paul N. city limits Duluth S. city limits St. Paul, Wyoming, Hinckley, Sandstone, Moose Lake, Carlton, Duluth (1926) U.S. 61 U.S. 61 to Wyoming, (I-35), MN-23 loop through Hinckley, (I-35), MN-73/27 loop through Moose Lake, (I-35), MN-210/45 loop through Carlton, (I-35).
Duluth N. city limits Canadian Border Duluth, Two Harbors, Silver Bay, Grand Marais (1926) U.S. 61 MN-61


North Dakota Border CR 1 {I-35} (duplex to Duluth city limits) Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Motley, Brainerd, Carlton, Duluth (1926) U.S. 10, U.S. 210 U.S. 10, MN-210


North Dakota Border Minneapolis city limits Breckenridge, Fergus Falls, Elbow Lake, Alexandria, Sauk Centre, St. Cloud, Elk River, Anoka, Minneapolis (1926-33) U.S. 10S, U.S. 10

(1934) U.S. 59, U.S. 52, U.S. 10/52, U.S. 52

MN-210 to Fergus Falls; (I-94), U.S. 59, MN-79, (I-94), MN-23, U.S. 10, U.S. 169, (unspecified trunk highways to Mpls city limits due to route turnbacks)
St. Paul city limits Wisconsin border St. Paul, Hastings, Red Wing, Wabasha, Winona, LaCrescent (1926) U.S. 61 U.S. 61


Iowa Border CR 11 {MN-11} at Intl Falls Jackson, Windom, Redwood Falls, Willmar, Paynesville, Sauk Centre, Wadena, Park Rapids, Bemidji, Int'l Falls (1926) U.S. 71 U.S. 71, MN-23, MN-4, U.S. 71


Iowa Border Mpls S. city limits Blue Earth, Mankato, St. Peter, Shakopee, Minneapolis (1932) U.S. 169 U.S. 169, MN-22, U.S. 169, (unspecified trunk highways to Mpls city limits due to route turnbacks)
Mpls N city limits CR 8 {U.S. 2} at Swan River Minneapolis, Cambridge, Mora, McGregor   MN-65, MN-107, MN-70, MN-65


Iowa Border Canadian Border Luverne, Pipestone, Lake Benton, Madison, Ortonville, Wheaton, Breckenridge, Moorhead, Ada, Crookston, Warren, Hallock (1926) U.S. 75 U.S. 75, MN-200, MN-9, U.S. 75


South Dakota Border CR 3 {U.S. 61}at Winona Lake Benton, Tracy, New Ulm, St. Peter, Mankato, Waseca, Owatonna, Rochester, Winona (1926) U.S. 14 U.S. 14, MN-99, U.S. 169, U.S. 14
Note: On historic maps, there is a discrepancy between defined CR 7 and marked (1920-33) TH 7. CR 7 as defined passes through St. Peter, which would require it to run from Nicollet east over present-day MN-99 to St. Peter. On all early maps, however, marked TH 7 (even preceding the establishment of U.S. 14) runs from Nicollet southeast directly to Mankato over present-day U.S. 14. The segment between Nicollet and St. Peter is shown as marked TH 21 even though defined CR 21 has its westerly end at St. Peter. The only legal way to have done this would have been to run CR 5 from St. Peter to Nicollet and mark it TH 21, then southeast to Mankato marked as TH 7. CR 7 would then be able to run east to St. Peter duplexed with CR 5, then south to Mankato marked as TH 5.


North Dakota Border Duluth city limits E. Grand Forks, Crookston, Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Duluth (1926) U.S. 2 U.S. 2, MN-194, U.S. 53


South Dakota Border Wisconsin Border Luverne, Worthington, Jackson, Blue Earth, Albert Lea, Austin, Preston, LaCrescent (1926) U.S. 16 (I-90), MN-13, (U.S. 65), (I-35), (I-90), MN-16, MN-80, MN-16


South Dakota Border Minneapolis city limits Wheaton, Morris, Benson, Willmar, Litchfield, Minneapolis (1926) U.S. 12 MN-55, MN-9, U.S. 12, I-394


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Donaldson Duluth city limits Roseau, Warroad, Baudette, Intl. Falls, Virginia, Duluth (1932-33) U.S. 169 Virginia -- Int. Falls

(1934) U.S. 53

MN-11, U.S. 53


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Madison Minneapolis city limits Montevideo, Granite Falls, Olivia, Glencoe, Chaska, Hopkins, Minneapolis (1926) U.S. 212 to Montevideo
(1934) U.S. 212 to Chaska
U.S. 212, MN-41, MN-7 (unspecified trunk highways to Mpls city limits due to route turnback)
St. Paul city limits Wisconsin Border St. Paul (1926) U.S. 10-12
(1934) U.S. 12
(I-94) U.S. 12 not signed


CR 9 {I-94 @ MN-13} at Albert Lea CR 5 {U.S. 169} at Jordan Albert Lea, Waseca, New Prague, Jordan   MN-13, MN-21


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Ivanhoe CR 22 {MN-22} at Gaylord Marshall, Redwood Falls, Gaylord   MN-19


Iowa Border CR 14 {MN-19} at Winthrop Fairmont, New Ulm   MN-15


CR 9 {I-90} at Worthington CR 5 {U.S. 169} near Lake Crystal Worthington, Fulda, Windom, St. James, Lake Crystal (1934) U.S. 59 U.S. 59, MN-62, MN-60


CR 16 {U.S. 59 @ MN-62} at Fulda CR 48 {MN-67} near Granite Falls Fulda, Slayton, Marshall, Granite Falls (1934) U.S. 59 U.S. 59


CR 3 {U.S. 10} at Elk River CR 2 {MN-210} at Brainerd Elk River, Princeton, Milaca, Onamia, Garrison, Brainerd (1932) U.S. 169 U.S. 169, MN-18


CR 2 {MN-210} at Brainerd CR 8 {U.S. 2} at Cass Lake Brainerd, Walker, Cass Lake (1932) U.S. 371 MN-371


Iowa Border CR 3 {U.S. 61} S of Hastings Canton, Preston, Rochester, Cannon Falls (1926-33) U.S. 55
(1934) U.S. 52
U.S. 52, MN-20


CR 5 {U.S. 169}at St. Peter CR 1 {MN-3} at Faribault St. Peter, LeSueur, Montgomery, Faribault,   MN-99, MN-21
(See note under CR 7)


CR 5 {U.S. 169}at St. Peter CR 4 {MN-23}at Paynesville St. Peter, Gaylord, Glencoe, Litchfield, Paynesville   MN-22, MN-55


CR 4 {MN-23}at Paynesville CR 1 {I-35} near Hinckley Paynesville, St. Cloud, Milaca, Mora, Hinckley   MN-23


CR 10 {U.S. 12}at Litchfield CR 3 {MN-23} at St. Cloud Litchfield, St. Cloud   MN-24, MN-15


CR 5 {U.S. 169}at Belle Plaine CR 3 {U.S. 10}at Big Lake Belle Plaine, Watertown, Buffalo, Big Lake   MN-25


CR 6 {U.S. 75} E of Ortonville CR 10 {MN-9} at Benson Ortonville, Appleton, Benson U.S. 12 MN-7, U.S. 59, U.S. 12


CR 3 {MN-23} at St. Cloud CR 2 {MN-210} at Brainerd St. Cloud, Little Falls, Brainerd (1926-33)U.S.10N
(1934) U.S. 10,
(1932) U.S. 371
U.S. 10, MN-371


S.D. Border CR 27 {U.S. 10}at Little Falls Browns Valley, Morris, Glenwood, Sauk Centre, Little Falls   MN-28, MN-27


CR 28 {MN-28}at Glenwood CR 2 {U.S. 10}at Wadena Glenwood, Alexandria, Wadena   MN-29


CR 3 {I-94 @ MN-210} at Fergus Falls CR 8 {U.S. 2} at Erskine Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes (1926-33)U.S.10S short segment W of Fergus Falls
(1934) U.S. 52/59, U.S. 59
U.S. 59


CR 6 {MN-200 @ MN-9} at Ada CR 30 {U.S. 59} at Mahnomen Ada, Mahnomen   MN-200


CR 8 {U.S. 2} S of Red Lake Falls CR 11 {MN-11} at Greenbush Red Lake Falls, Thief River Falls   MN-32


CR 6 {U.S. 75} at Warren CR 32 {MN-32}at Thief River Falls Warren, Thief River Falls   MN-1


CR 2 {U.S. 10} at Detroit Lakes CR 8 {U.S. 2} near Cohasset Detroit Lakes, Walker, Remer   MN-34, MN-200, MN-6


CR 18 {U.S. 169 @ MN-18} at Garrison Ely Garrison, Aitkin, Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Chisholm, Virginia, Tower, Ely (1932) U.S. 169 U.S. 169, MN-135, MN-169


CR 3 {I-94} at Fergus Falls CR 29 {MN-29} near Wadena Fergus Falls, Henning   MN-210


CR 27 {U.S. 10 @ MN-371} at Little Falls CR 2 {U.S. 10 @ MN-210}at Motley Little Falls, Motley (1926-33) U.S. 10N
(1934) U.S. 10
U.S. 10


CR 12 {U.S. 212} at Montevideo CR 28 {MN-28}W of Glenwood Montevideo, Benson   MN-29


CR 9 {I-90}W of Alden CR 5 {U.S. 169}at Mankato Wells, Mapleton, Mankato   MN-22


Iowa Border CR 1 {I-35} at Owatonna Austin, Blooming Prairie, Owatonna (1928) U.S. 218 U.S. 218


CR 40 {U.S. 218} at Blooming Prairie CR 56 {MN-56}at Hayfield Blooming Prairie   MN-30


CR 7 {U.S. 14} near Eyota CR 3 {U.S. 61}at Kellogg Plainview, Kellogg   MN-42


CR 9 {MN-16}at Rushford CR 3 {U.S. 61}at Winona Rushford, Winona   MN-43


CR 20 {U.S. 52} at Canton CR 9 {MN-16}at Hokah Caledonia   MN-44


St. Paul city limits Wisconsin Border St. Paul, Lake Elmo, Stillwater   MN-5, MN-36


CR 1 {U.S. 61} near Wyoming Wisconsin Border Wyoming, Center City, Taylors Falls U.S. 8 U.S. 8


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Pipestone CR 17 {U.S. 59}at Slayton Pipestone, Lake Wison, Slayton   MN-30


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Canby CR 12 {U.S. 212}at Granite Falls Canby, Granite Falls   MN-67


CR 12 {U.S. 212} at Montevideo CR 10 {U.S. 12} at Willmar Montevideo, Clara City, Willmar (1926-33) U.S. 212 MN-7, MN-23


CR 20 {U.S. 52 @ MN-20}at Cannon Falls Minneapolis city limits Cannon Falls, Farmington, Minneapolis (1926-33) U.S. 55
(1934) U.S. 52, U.S. 65
U.S. 52, MN-50 to Farmington, (undefined trunk highways to Minneapolis city limits due to route turnbacks)


CR 5 {U.S. 169}at Shakopee CR 12 {U.S. 212}at Chaska Shakopee, Chaska (1932) U.S. 169, U.S. 212 Due to route turnbacks in Shakopee area, must now run concurrently with L.R. 260 (MN-41)


CR 5 {U.S. 169}at Eden Prairie St. Paul city limits Bloomington, St. Paul   (I-494), MN-5


CR 3 {U.S. 61}at Hastings So. St. Paul city limits Hastings, So St. Paul   MN-55, U.S. 52, (I-494), MN-156


CR 10 {MN-9}at Herman CR 3 {U.S. 59}at Elbow Lake Herman, Elbow Lake   MN-55, MN-54


CR 1 {I-35}at Carlton Cloquet Carlton, Cloquet   With turnback of MN-45, must run concurrently with L.R. 164 (MN-33) to Cloquet


CR 9 {I-90}E of Austin CR 21 {MN-60}at Kenyon Dodge Center, Kenyon   MN-56


CR 7 {U.S. 14} south of Mantorville Mantorville Mantorville   MN-57


CR 20 {U.S. 52}at Zumbrota CR 3 {U.S. 61}at Red Wing Zumbrota, Red Wing   MN-58


Iowa Border CR 3 {U.S. 61}at Lake City Spring Valley, Rochester, Lake City (1934) U.S. 63 U.S. 63


CR 7 {U.S. 14} at Eagle Lake CR 1 {I-35}at Faribault Waterville, Faribault   MN-60


CR 8 {U.S. 2} at Deer River CR 4 {U.S. 71}at Big Falls Deer River, Big Falls   MN-6


CR 3 {U.S. 10 @ U.S. 169}at Anoka St. Paul city limits Anoka, St. Paul U.S. 10 U.S. 10


Minneapolis city limits CR 1 {U.S. 61}at Forest Lake Minneapolis, Forest Lake U.S. 8 (I-35W, I-35), MN-97


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Moorhead CR 30 {U.S. 59} W of Fergus Falls Moorhead, Barnesville, Fergus Falls (1926) U.S. 10S
(1934) U.S. 52


CR 32 {MN-32}at Red Lake Falls CR 8 {U.S. 2}at Bagley Red Lake Falls, Clearbrook, Bagley   MN-92


CR 12 {U.S. 212} at Montevideo CR 26 {U.S. 59 @ MN-7}at Appleton Montevideo, Appleton (1934) U.S. 59 U.S. 59


CR 48 {MN-67} at Granite Falls CR 14 {MN-19} W of Redwood Falls Granite Falls   MN-67


CR 6 {U.S. 75}at Canby CR 14 {MN-19}at Marshall Canby, Marshall   MN-68


CR 22 {MN-22}at Eden Valley CR 25 {MN-25}at Buffalo Maple Lake, Buffalo   MN-55


CR 7 {U.S. 14} at Sleepy Eye CR 12 {U.S. 212} at Hector Sleepy Eye, Fairfax, Hector   MN-4

Note that for consistency I have defined routes from their south or west termini, even though the Constitutional Route descriptions are not consistent in the direction in which routes are defined.

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