Lists of other road pages:

Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page. Andrew Field has one of the best compilations of highway trivia, and links to many other state and Canadian provincial highway pages.
AboutVia (formerly Freeway Entrance, ViaGuide). This site --- deliberately structured in layers as a Yahoo lookalike --- is intended to be a central source for all state and regional highway pages like this one. It is done by James Lin, who also has an excellent collection of highway marking signs for all 50 states, Canada and other countries.
U.S. Highways. Robert Droz has compiled a listing of all U.S. routes that are, or ever were, in existence. The 1927 AASHO (predecessor to today's AASHTO)-approved list is here as well.

Other highway or transportation pages:

Map of Minnesota! This is the most requested search phrase used to hit my site. MnDOT now has the latest official state map available on line, including the Twin Cities metro area.

SmarTraveler gives real-time information on Twin Cities freeway traffic conditions and (important during parking ramp construction) even airport parking availability.
"Traffic Stuf" by Richard Moeur , a traffic engineer with the Arizona Department of Transportation, has this page with links to an incredible variety of information on highways, traffic marking signs of the world, other name it. Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

Other Minnesota pages:

MnDOT Metro District web site. This is a subset of the main MnDOT web page, and gives ready access to construction information in the Twin Cities metro area. New site, well laid out.

511 LogoThe new 511 site operated by MnDOT provides both current traffic conditions and construction information for all state highways. Alternatively, you can dial 511 from your cell phone for instant information.

Minnesota Office of Tourism. Jump to travel info about Minnesota.

A note: you can't find reliable information on Minnesota winter highway conditions. The link from the MnDOT web page may or may not be up to date (check the date on the report).

Adam Froehlig's Twin Cities Freeway Pages. Adam has complied detailed exit lists for all Twin Cities area freeways, and has also posted some suggested improvements to fix some of our freeway bottlenecks.

Jody Aho's Northern Minnesota page. Highlights (and lots of photos) of NE Minnesota. Northern Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan too. Site changes frequently...nice pics!

Adjoining states and provinces:

Roads in these adjoining states and province are directly accessed from the Minnesota route listings where the road crosses the state line:

Jason Hancock's Unofficial Iowa Highways Page. A lot of detailed information about Iowa's routes. Links on U.S. and interstate routes to and from this site.

South Dakota Highways and North Dakota Highways. Chris Geelhart has listed past and present highways for both states.

Ontario Highways by Chris Bessert. Ontario is "downloading" (Ontariese for "turning back") many of its roads, and few maps have kept pace. Chris is on top of these changes, which has completely eliminated formerly major Highway 2, among many others.

Wisconsin Highways by Chris Bessert. Chris also has a Wisconsin Highways page, listing all of Wisconsin's routes. (Also, you can link to a Michigan listing if you go to his home page --- now, if his wife is anything like mine when it comes to time spent on the web site...).

Matt Salek's Colorado Highways. OK, Colorado isn't adjacent to Minnesota, but I live here now, and Matt has a top-notch web site with historical and current information on the highways of Colorful Colorado.

Steve Riner's Unofficial New Mexico Highways Page. Not adjoining, obviously, but I can't avoid plugging my other major highway page.

(Nothing for Manitoba yet, unfortunately. Maybe my next project ;-))

My own favorite non-highway sites:

What do I look at when I'm not admiring other highway enthusiasts' web pages? Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Southern California Earthquakes. I like to see what's shakin' in the land where I grew up. This is a really neat map, updated continuously.

Area Code Information. I guess I'm a little fascinated by the telecom explosion and the resulting drain on phone numbers. Just look at the historical listings to see how many new codes have arisen in the past few years.

TopoZone. USGS topographic maps for just about anywhere in the U.S. Possible to download (with some difficulty).

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